11 Juni 2016

Lirik The Second Night Dian Pramana Poetra

Dian Pramana Poetra - The Second Night

You hold me tight
And eery night I wanna dance
It seems allright
you give me, love
You shared me the game

No lies beetween you and I
I never changed my mind
Now, I have all I need and I get
The second night our second love
Became to an end the morning sight
Begin to shine and shavin my mind

No sign and no break at all
Can that night be here again
And all satisfied love,
I'll be here
Just for you just for you love

Time, when you're here
I'll sing the song
I'll bring my heart for you
Sweet .. my love
Everypart of my heart
I'll keep my tenderness
I'll be with you
You hold me tight
it seems all right
The second night
the morning sight

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