21 Oktober 2014

Lirik You Don't Have To Tell Me Lies EdanE liriklawas

EdanE - You Don't  Have Tell Me Lies

You shock me baby if you
Really need me so bad
Cos' I always want to stay
Stay right by your side...yeah

You gone in with your sweet smile
On your lips, aha
So how can I forget such
A  sweet thing like you..yeah

You know you're like a rain
fall in the desert
You make me feel so  wild
When my love grows to the skies..yeahh
The other reason why I want you to
Stay right by my side
You growlin like a cat
When you use your tongue on me

I remenber whwn met you girl
You were so cold to me
Now  you've changed , yeah
Wilder than enough
You know what is hot

You don't have to tell me lies
Just tell me what I need to know

You show me the way when I start to
close in on you, babe
Wow wow wow you're so warm
When I'm in you...yeah
Come  on baby shake me
hot and make me high
With all the love you've got inside..yeah

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